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Who needs a magnum when the .45-70 is where it's at.

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Well everyone actually :D. Especially the .357, .44, .22, 6.5 & 7mm Remington Magnum and the 338 RCM.
But the good ole .45-70... well the following article link says it all.
Enjoy the read.
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While the .45-70 has a "rainbow" trajectory, it can be very accurate indeed.
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I do enjoy shooting and hunting. And I readily admit that the .45-70-405 Remington factory ammo for deer and appropriate handloads for other animals does not destroy meat. Well except for a couple of holes.
Elmer Keith loved the .45-70 for that very reason.

"You can eat the meat right up to the bullet hole." - Elmer Keith
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