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Updates and such

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It's been a while since I last posted here, so let's fix that.

Some months ago, I finally got myself a new Bersa Thunder 380. Unlike last time there was no polishing of the aluminum feed ramp. I'm not making that mistake again.

Shooting experience has been limited so far. I have several magazines on hand, some by the factory and some by Mec-Gar. It's been smooth shooting, except it jammed on the 7 round factory magazine. I don't know if it's the magazine at fault, or the fact I haven't gotten it broken in yet. But doing some research, it looks like Bersa firearms are hit or miss on quality, and don't actually have the shining reputation for reliability that I as initially led to believe. Only time and a lot of ammo will tell, but even Tula .380 is expensive, almost twice what a box of Tula 9mm costs, so I'm tempted to sell it and let someone else sort it out.

Recently I got back to revolvers, and finally got my first Smith & Wesson. It's a model 637 and it's unbelievably fun to be handling a wheelgun once again.
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Update time again. I got out over the weekend to test out the Bersa more thoroughly, and I'm thoroughly disgusted with it. I was getting multiple jams with each of the magazines used, with no clear pattern of what or why was going on with it. Maybe it's the Tula ammo, but I can't afford to test it with hundreds of rounds of brass cased ammo to be sure.

If I wanted results like this I would've gotten a Jimenez instead.
I have no patience with guns that don't run. ;)
Sorry to hear that Becks, I've been watching some videos on the Bersa and they usually perform rather well. I'm starting to get into revolvers as well, I heard about a $40 off rebate for the Taurus 85s in .38 spl, seeing as how I have never owned one before I figured I'd pick it up for cheap. I'll be putting it through its paces tomorrow with at least 4 brands of ammo to see how runs, I figure since its a revolver it'll probably fire everything I feed it without issue.
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