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Ultimate Varmint Round

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I was thinking back to the days when someone on the old site (Reddbecca, maybe?) was talking about problems with raccoons, and a variety of creative answers involving high voltage and catapults were proposed, and that brought to mind the eternal question of varmint rounds.

I'm not quite sure, but I don't think that I've ever seen a sintered bullet in .458. If it's around 200 grains I'm pretty sure I can push it out of a rifle barrel at around 3000fps.

200 grains of sintered metal at 3000fps should convert a skunk into a red fog with alacrity. So where do I get some of these?
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Did we ever see performance testing of sintered bullets? I don't recall. Maybe I'll have a dig through the site and see what we can see, but gut reaction is that it would 'splode a critter quite handily.

Have you tried them in smaller calibers?
I don't think so. I've just watched the same manufacturers' videos as everybody else, pretty much.

I have an idea for some tests in mind, but the farm has had me on the run so it may be a little while.
These guys list a .458 caliber, 300 grain product: ... Rifle.aspx

Oh my.

Thank you very much, markinalpine. I think I might have to invest in some of those and see what they do to various targets.

The coyotes have been prowling around, and I think that one of those projectiles scooting along at a little over 2000fps (I load mine hot) might just persuade one of them to dissolve into a red fog.
Greetings Applesmasher If and when you decide to purchase sinterfire bullets will you be dealing in .458 projectiles?
I sure will enjoy reading about the results. I truly do like the punkin chunkin of a 1200fps "Varmint" caliber.
I have a Marlin 1895CB. It is a beast of a gun and I love it. It's my bear gun.

Of course, if the bear happens to be a possum in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the bear happens to walk on two legs and wear trousers, I wouldn't put it down and fetch something else.

But 1200fps isn't how I load those rounds. Over 1900fps is more like it.

Another option would be to load some of my .357 Magnum brass with sinterfire for the 1894C. That's a great varmint gun, especially if I have to go find them in the forest.
I have owned an 1895CB as well as a Guide gun in 45-70, a Ruger #1 45-70, and the T/C 21" in 45-70. All but the T/C have been sold or traded away.
I miss the Ruger but the Marlin when loaded stout was a real pain to shoot. Not much butt plate back there.
It was swell for the factory stuff.
I have damaged both of my shoulders through the years so the 1200 to 1500 fps loads are made to take care of the freezer meat. I like the way the 405 FP loads let you eat right up to the hole.

I have also owned the 444P and 444SS and enjoyed them but favored the .458 pill.

Keep 'em in the vitals
I don't find the 1895CB to be too bad. I think that the crescent buttplate fits me pretty well. Since I live in the great Pacific North-Wet, I spend a lot of time wearing heavy clothing and that soaks up a bunch of the recoil.

I always heard that the Ruger No. 1 was the real recoil monster because it's so light.
Frangible ammo acts like FMJ on any soft target.... it wont do anything but make a hole...

30-06 with a 110vmax or 125/130 speer TNT ot HP will turn a groundhog inside out...

6.5mm and up, the light Vmax obliterate groundhog size targets

6mm can be a bit hit or miss on full pinata mode... and normaly 223 turn them into bags of mush, not alot of exits.. uless it the baby guinea pig size ones, those will get turned inside out like a sock...

all my exploding groundhog vids..
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