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Three-gun shotgun

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Those of you who remember me from before the Great Forum Hiatus may recall that I'm hewn from rather cross-grained wood.

I've heard that a three-gun competition might be starting around where I am, and I'm considering taking part, but doing it the easy way doesn't really appeal to me. Therefore I'm thinking of using a sixgun, a lever action or maybe bolt action rifle, and a break action shotgun.

I have all of the above already, except the break action shotgun. Anyone have any recommendations? Single shot would be fine by me.

Maybe a Thompson/Center chambered in 12 gauge?

Or maybe I could use the T/C as both rifle and shotgun, and change barrels on the course .... nah. That's cheating.
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I'd love to hear about how that performs in pratice. My shotgun experience is very limited, alas. I'm actually just in the market for my first skeet/clays gun at the moment, so I'll keep an eye out while I'm researching and ping here if I spot anything that looks nifty. :) Let us know how it goes!
Anyone have any comment on 20 gauge vs 12 gauge (or 10 gauge) for shotguns for three gun competitions?
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