My friend Matt came to go shooting with me and we were going to shoot our Ruger 22/45 pistols with our suppressors on them. Matt said, "I have this new thing you need to see. It is amazing."

It is a device called The Ultimate Cliploader and is made by McFadden Machine Co. Inc.

It is made to quickly and easily charge the magazines for a .22 pistol.

The problem is that with a Ruger 22/45, the magazines are very hard to load. If you have to use only your finger, it is almost impossible to load all 10 rounds in the mag.

I had been using a small device to help hold down the button on the side of the mag. It works fine, but is still slow to load.

I liked Matt's device so much that I ordered one. Here it is.

It is available in four different colors.

To use it, you simply open the loading drawer.

You can place 50 rounds of .22 LR ammo in it at a time.

Close the lid again and gently shake it.

The .22 cartridges will quickly begin to drop into a slot and line up for loading.

As soon as you have them in the slot, you are ready to go.

There is a screw on the side of the loader that will depress the magazine button to lower the magazine follower.

Just push the magazine completely into the loader…

The raise the loader into a nearly vertical position.

And gently shake and the cartridges will just slide right into the magazine.

Remove the magazine and it is fully loaded and ready to go.

I tried it several times and it took about one or two seconds to load the magazine.

This is an ingenious device and I can't see how I ever got along without one. It was only $22.50. And, it is made in the good old USA.

You need one if you like to shoot .22 pistols.

Because it's fun to shoot stuff