My buddy Liem called me to tell me he had bought a new interesting pistol and I thought you guys might be interested in seeing it.

The pistol is a Canik 9mm, model TP9 SF. It is very reasonably priced at around $340. Let's look at the pistol.

It is a clean set-up and very well made.

It is a striker fired pistol.
It comes in a package that includes the pistol, two 18 round magazines, and a proprietary holster.

The holster is very well made and has a retention button built in. The holster alone is worth between $40 and $50.

The model number is marked in the slide.

It shows that it is made in Turkey and imported by Century Arms.

It also comes with a lock box and a cleaning brush.
We loaded it up and Liem ran it. It has a very good trigger pull and a very short re-set.

Accuracy is very good.

I tried it and was surprised at the good trigger and accuracy. (I noticed the dark spot under my arm when I looked at the picture and finally figured out it was a piece of steel casing in the air.)

To disassemble for cleaning, it is much like a Glock. First remove the magazine.

You check to be sure it is not loaded. Then check again. Then point in a safe direction and pull the trigger.

Then pull the slide to the rear about ¼ inch and pull down the two slide release levers on each side of the pistol.

You can then remove the slide from the frame by pulling it forward.

Then remove the spring and the barrel from the slide.

It is then field stripped for cleaning.

As we looked at the internal surfaces of the slide, it shows absolutely no machining marks. It is very well made.

If you are interested in a cheap and very well made 9mm, give this one a good look.

It's fun to shoot stuff.