Yes, I know, concrete isn't exactly part of a Buick, but you have seen the concrete blocks sitting on top of that Buick...

Did you think they were there for show?

The lesson with this little exhibition is that cover isn't bullet proof, meaning it might not be cover for very long.

Cover can go away and in a hurry if you have determined people blasting at it with even small weaponry.

Don't believe me?


Well, let's see what happens to a 3 inch thick concrete block when it is hit by a 9mm.

Notice that I managed to capture the exact moment of bullet impact...


And now the next shot.


Yet another one.


And now a cinderblock.


The lowly 9mm ball ammo put a hurting on even concrete cover.


As you can see in this photo of the cinderblock, even a single shot from a 9mm can significantly weaken the "cover" provided.


What about the rifle?

Well... The word "obliteration" comes to mind...

Lessons learned:
Everything we think of as "cover" CAN be defeated by someone who is determined. If a group of special forces guys wants to kill you, a concrete bunker isn't going to stop them.

Even if they have to take an M60 with an ACOG on it and repeatedly shoot the same spot to punch a hole they can stuff bullets, grenades, or explosives through, they WILL do it. And as these photos show, that is a real option available to them.

Concrete is not a magical bullet shield, and the type of concrete we as police officers or civilians might need to take "cover" behind one day if everything goes bad is only going to be "cover" for so long before it goes away.