I had friends on AR15.com send me some requests and samples and ask me to run them through the Box O' Truth.

So we went to the range to kind of tie up some lose ends.

We used the Box O' Truth with 12 sheetrock boards in it, backed up with a gallon jug of water to catch the round, and backed up finally by a wall of bricks enclosed in a wood enclosure.

Started out with some ammo that Arowneragain sent me, some Glazer Blue Tip 9mm.

I shot it out of my Beretta and it went through 6 boards of drywall and dented the 7th.


This is the jacket and the BBs twere lose on the bottom of the BoT.

It put an almost 3/4" hole through the boards before stopping.

At the request of Peekay, I shot a .357 Magnum 158 grain JHP out of my 6" Colt Python.

Much to our surprise, it was stopped by the 10th board after going through 9 boards. It was fully expanded.

I was so surprised, that I did it again, but got the same results.

Who'd a thunk it? The .357 Magnum is supposed to be a big penetrator.


Tman used his Romanian SAR2, in 5.45 X 39 with Wolf ammo to shoot the box.

It went through all 12 boards, busted the water jug, but bounced off the wood in front of the bricks.


This is the last board and the spent round.

Kind of easy to see how it made the hole.


I then tried a frangible .223 that Hardshell sent me to try.

They were Federal 50 grain, Frangible rounds.

This round went through 8 boards and bounced off the 9th board.


It was time for the Big Boys.

First a .308 TAP, which had a 165 grain Hornady plastic tip bullet. It went through all 12 boards, blew up the water jug, but only bounced off the wood in front of the boards.

That's what it was designed to do.

Next I shot it with a round of South African military ball, 7.62 X 51 mm, M1A2.

This round went through 12 boards of sheetrock, busted the water jug, busted a brick, but was stopped by the brick.

The water spray was impressive, to say the least.


Blew the water jug up.


Blew up a brick.


Interestingly enough, take a look at the picture.

You can see that there is no damage to the tip of the bullet.

It must have hit the brick sideways, which means that it was tumbling.


Well, it was time to wrap up things.

At the request of my friend Matthew_Q, I brought my Shiloh Sharps .45-70, Long Range Express.

The load is a 515 grain round nose, gas checked, hard cast bullet over 41.0 grains AA 2495 for about 1500 fps.


Here I am getting ready to unleash the beast.

Here I am getting ready to unleash the beast.​

It went through 12 boards of sheetrock, busted the water jug really nicely, busted the brick to pieces, and exited the back board...


...carrying a brick and half of the back pine board with it, and was last seen headed down range, mad as the dickens.


Moral of this lesson:
Don't get in any gun fights with buffalo hunters. There ain't no such thing as cover.