You may remember that while I was waiting for my suppressor, I ordered a .22 rifle to use it on. It is a Ruger American Rifle. Here's the link:

Well, I got the suppressor and it was time to try it out.

First, here's the rifle without the suppressor.


Tests have shown that it will have an average of 140 decibels of sound without a can. With the can, it averages about 114 decibels. Quite a difference. And with a rifle, since the muzzle is farther from the shooter's ear, it sounds even quieter.

I removed the thread protector from the rifle barrel.


Here's the rifle with the can. It looks very nice.


I wanted to see if the suppressor changed the point of impact. So, we will do some tests.

I first tried some Wolf match. Without the can on the left, and with the can on the right.


It moved the group a little up and right, but not much at 50 yards.

Then some Gemtech, without on the left, with the can on the right.

Then some SK, same rules. Also, same results, up and right with the can.


I thought I could do better with the Wolf, so tried again.


Better groups, but same movement. This is not a problem as it is easy to adjust the scope to have the point of impact where the point of aim is located.

Well a couple of days later, it was time to go shoot with my best buddies, my grand nephews, Carter (7) on the left, and Cooper (5) on the right. Here we are swimming together earlier last year.


They love to shoot, so I brought the rifle to their home, which is on the outskirts of the county, where we can shoot in their back yard.

First, Cooper shoots with his Dad, who had to aim the rifle for him, but let him pull the trigger. (Now before anyone says that he wasn't really shooting the rifle, it was the best he could do, and he was thrilled to be able to hit the target.)


Then it was Carter's turn. He was so excited that he could barely contain himself. And he managed to get the scope to work for himself and he was hitting the target almost every shot.


He was beside himself with excitement.


The next day, their Mom sent me some pictures. She said they were still excited about shooting the rifle and went out and picked up the empty .22 brass and put it back in the boxes as a "collection".

Here's Cooper with his "collection".


And here's Carter with his.


They are ready for Pappaw to come back and shoot some more.

I can't tell you how thrilled Pappaw is to have some young buddies that are learning to love shooting. I will gladly let them burn up all my .22 stash.

Because shooting stuff is fun