My buddy Subnet sent me a note this week and said he was bored and wanted to make a road trip. He asked if he could come visit me. I told him, "Sure!" But it was a long drive, as this is Texas.

He was 5 ½ hours away from me, but decided to make the trip. He left after work Friday and got here late Friday night. We have a great visit and decided to go shooting Saturday morning.

We woke up to the best fall weather available. It was about 58 degrees and bluebird skies. I loaded up a bunch of weapons he wanted to shoot and we headed to Orange Gun Club, about 20 miles from my house.

Here we are shooting. First, Sub on my Colt AR-15 with the ACOG on it.

He liked it and was able to put 9 out of 10 shots into the 1 ¼ inch black square that was the target.

This brings up another important point. On the way there he was crying about how he never shot and couldn't hit a barn from the inside. His first target made me suspicious that he was a ringer. Turned out that was exactly the case.

He shot it from the bench and also standing up. It ran just fine and he was hitting what he was shooting at.


Then we loaded up the FN FAL .308.

He said it was a blast.

I shot it on my hind legs at some clay targets on the 50 yard berm and was tearing them up. The FAL is a fine rifle.

Here's Sub doing the same thing.

Then we loaded up the Shiloh Sharps .45-70 Long Range Express, loaded with some 515 grain cast bullets. I showed him how to use the set-trigger and he went to work. The recoil was a little more than he expected, but it didn't bother him much.

Here are 5 shots at 50 yards. He put three of them in the same hole.

He even let me shoot my own rifle a little. Not much, but a little.

We then loaded up my light weight AR-15 carbine and did some reaction shooting. At the command "Gun!", he had to put two in the chest and one or two in the head. He ate them up.

Here he is watching the barrel smoke after a couple of magazines.

Here are the rifles we shot this morning.

We also tried the drill with the Colt and the ACOG and he found it easy to shoot well.

He had asked me to let him shoot my 6 inch Colt Python and we did so. He was shooting full wadcutters at about 15 yards.

His first shot surprised him as the trigger is so light. But he settled down and was tearing it up. He looked up and said, "I've got to have one of these." He is presently searching the net looking for one.

We then went home and took a lunch break. While we were there, I showed him how to fix his problems with not having a proper locking lug remover.

No charge for the advice.

After lunch we headed to the Golden Triangle Gun Club to let him try the One MOA All Day Long Contest. Our interest was this, "How well can an average shooter do shooting someone else's rifle in the contest, if the rifle has shown that it can shoot 1 MOA."

He settled down and shot my Savage .223 bolt gun. Here he is.

Long story short, he had no problem shooting the contest and shot a .69 MOA. He is a ringer.

Had a guy named Mike that walked up and asked if he could shoot my Accuracy International .308. He shot it well.

Sub tried it and shot it well too.

Since the pressure was off, Sub shot this last 5 shot group with the .223 and I shot that lower left 5-shot group with the AI-AE at 100 yards. A fine way to end the day.

It was as pretty a day for shooting as we could hope for. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting each other as much as we thought we would. We laughed all day and burned up a lot of ammo. My ammo.

Oh well, as good of a day as I ever had at the ranges.