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In theory, fine. smart gun with ring that activates it.

But, seriously. Batteries, microchips, rings, so many places that can cause failure to fire, but we are talking about handguns used in combat by not only civilians, but professionals. A failure to fire of a combat weopon will by its own definition as a combat weapon be at a time of combat, and a failure to fire may wind up with a death by the carrier of the smart weapon.

I'd rather carry a smart club than a smart gun. I take off rings, I run down batteries, I have been known to shoot left handed sometimes.

It would make a lot more sense to make a childproof cap. Maybe a key that is put in and removed. maybe a switch that is accessed by opening a closed compartment. Want to make a gun child safe? You can't. The best you can do is make your child gun safe. I personally think that the safe gun ring concept is one of the stupidest ever. No woman will want to carry a ring with her pistol.

it's just plain stupid to have a gun that only one, maybe two people can use in an emergency. For example, a police officer having to use a downed officer's handgun in an emergency situation. All rounds expended, officer down next to the barricade, incompatible magazines or ammo, the only choice is to take the unfamiliar weapon and put it to use. Not with a smart weapon, you might as well just surrender and pray for mercy.

No, it's not ridiculous. It's no more ridiculous than the things the anti-gun people are proposing.

I once read about a combat practice scenario. One of the stages of the course had a half dozen live rounds laying loose. There were more targets than there was ammo allotted to the shooters, you lost the stage if you didn't grab the loose ammo. You would lose the stage if you had to pick up a secondary weapon that was only enabled for an individual shooter.

Would it do any good if all of a department's guns, as well as activation rings were identical? You still run the risk of simple mechanical behavior. There are already plenty of mechanical failure possibilities. Don't add a few more.
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