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Shoulder holster for a lady

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A lady of my acquaintance asked me for help in selecting a shoulder holster.

Why a shoulder holster? She doesn't wear belts, and hates them as well as anything inside the waistband. She will reluctantly consider a belly band holster, or a drop leg holster (she's fine with open carry), but really wants something which doesn't drag her pants down.

I first suggested Galco, because I am familiar with their products and like their quality, but the problem is that her preferred carry weapon is a full sized Beretta PX4 Storm, and Galco doesn't have a shoulder holster in that shape.

Does anyone have recommendations to make? Kirkpatrick Leather seems to have some solutions which can work, but then there's always Craft Holsters

Right now she carries in her purse, which she doesn't like on the logic that the purse is the first thing a thug will grab, and so she's looking for something better.
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