I set up a Shooting Contest on AR15.com and here it is. Nothing professional, just a fun game. Here are the rules. If you are a member there, then please participate. If not, the just print the targets and shoot them for fun.

Ok boys, it is time for a little fun. Let's play a shooting game.

First a couple of definitions:

Precision - The ability of a shooter and firearm to place a number of shots into a small group.

Accuracy - The ability of a shooter and firearm to hit a specific spot on a target.

This contest will be a measure of both accuracy and precision.

I made a copy of a target that my friend LRRPF52 had posted in another thread.

We will assume that those five guys are bad guys.

Here's the rules:

1. This is a "trust" game. We will trust you to follow the rules and not cheat.

2. Shoot off a bench, prone, sitting, standing, any style you like.

3. Gun may be supported by any arrangement of a front rest, bipod, etc, and rear bag may be of any kind. No "Lead Sled" type of rest. Shooter must have control of the rifle.

4. You take 5 shots, one per target bad guy. If you hit him, it is a "Hit". If you miss him, it is a "Miss". A "Hit" is any shot that "cuts" the black.

5. Targets must be at 100 yards for centerfire rifles. The contest may also be shot with the targets at 50 yards for .22 rimfire rifles.

6. Post a picture of your scored target, with targets marked as "Hit" or "Miss". Pictures of your rifle are also required. You can also tell us about your ammo if desired.

7. Even if you do your best and only hit 1, 2, 3, or 4 targets, please post them. Be a man and show hits and/or misses.

8. Targets must be 8 1/2 by 11 inches.

I know some of you are saying, "Those are big old targets and I have a rifle that will shoot One MOA All Day Long." So, show us.

Let's have fun. Do your best and post your results.

Because shooting stuff is fun.

My first entry.
Ruger 10-22, Leupold 4 X 12, Wolf Match, 50 yards.

Five hits.

Second entry:

Savage .22, Leupold 6 X 24 scope, Wolf Match ammo. 50 yards.

Five hits. I notice that it is difficult to see that hits on the targets. Does anyone have any idea how to make that easier to see?