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I don't know what other answers you've gotten, I didn't read it all. myself, I have used all sorts of methods, and in reality, you can reload in as little as a 2*2 space. I have a friend who uses a workmate sawhorse. He clamps a board on it that his press is mounted on. All other equipment is just put into place as he needs it.

If you really want to become a dedicated reloader, it's going to be hard to do that without a genuine work space of at least 3-4 feet of counter space to permanently install a press and some work space, along with a shelf for materials.

I can't think of anything at all that would be much worse than reloading in a storage shed, or at any other location that isn't your own property. If you have an outdoor shooting range, you may be able to get permission to set up on a bench to do small batch reloading; it's been done at my range for many years by people who carry in test materials.

Before anyone gets all bent out of shape about loose powder being handled where others are shooting, please explain why loose black powder in primitive weapons is safe, but a few ounces of smokeless in a measure or cannister would be hazardous?
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