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Range report for 12-31-16

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Well after what seems like an eternity of inactivity on the shooting front, we finally managed to get out and have some fun. Took long enough.

The results were as follows:

AR-15- Those who've been around a while remember I had a maintenance mishap a while back that necessitated removing the front sight post to rectify. I haven't been able to test it since then and I always worried I'd managed to misalign something that would interfere with its proper function. Fortunately that turned out not to be the case. No misalignment of parts, no front sight pins walking out under recoil, it's all good.

Glock 19- Having been a while since we've shot, I'd forgotten that the recoil of the Glock is stouter than the SIG, but not terrible. The trigger takes a while to get used to again, but it's not terrible. It ate Tula ammo without a complaint, although it was hitting to the right. Might be the ammo, might be the sights, I don't know just yet. But either way it was fun, and my aunt now wants my upgrades on hers as well.

Ruger LCP- All I can say it **** that **** I don't like it. The trigger pull isn't bad as far as I'm concerned, it functioned as long as I held it firm, but the recoil on it is absolutely horrible! The trigger really hurts your finger to fire during said recoil, and neither one of us wanted to fire more than a couple of magazines for it. I get that it's for personal defense rather than fun, but wow does that hurt something fierce. That's not going to get shot very much, I can tell you that much.
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Yep. LCP is to be carried a lot, shot little.
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