My niece and nephew recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and she wanted to give him a special gift. She knew he was looking for a certain 1911 and asked my help finding one for him. We found it.

He said it was the best present he ever got.

Here it is in the box. It is a Colt Competition 1911 pistol, a special edition model

It came with two 8 round magazines and a nice case.
It has a fiber optic rod front sight. It came with a blue one installed.

They also supplied 3 other rods, a blue, a yellow, and a red one.

The rear sight is a great combat sight, very sharp and tough.

We disassembled the pistol to lubricate it before heading to the range. I noticed that it has a "capture spring" which was unexpected.

The pistol was very "tight", but easily disassembled and went back together easily. I looked to see if it needed a throat polishing, but it was very smooth right from the factory, so we didn't do anything but lube the pistol.

The pistol has a matt blue finish with blue composite grips.

The have a cut-away for access to the magazine release. Also notice the nice "Colt" logo on the grips.

The grip safety has a nice "bump" on it to make sure the grip safety is easily depressed.

The slide is marked "Competition Series".


Well, the proof is in the shooting.

Here's Shane shooting his new pistol with some of my 200 grain SWC reloads.

He was all smiles, as it shot great. (That's a piece of brass going by his face.)

He even let me shoot it a little.

It is not a "cheap" pistol, retailing for around $900. But it is a tack driver.

Here are 14 rounds at 25 feet or so.

He was grinning and said, "Well, as you always say, 'Speed costs money, how fast do you want to go?' "

We burned through a few boxes of reloads and it ran 100% without a hitch.

My niece had bought him gifts of shirts and socks and the like and never made much of an impression. She told me, "From now on, I am listening to you. I will always buy him guns or ammo or reloading stuff."

Smart girl.

It's fun to shoot stuff.