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Gunnysam said:
If it wasn't so expensive/rare, I'd recommend the gyrojet mini rockets:
They were turds. Poor accuracy. Low velocity at short range. a 50 caliber non expanding round at relatively low speed (barely supersonic) with uncertain mass that creates little to no hydrostatic shock and not a whole lot of tissue damage, no more than a .45 acp ball ammo would.

With a bullet that spread out as far as 4" at ranges that barely exceed household defense ranges, that you never know what energy levels you would reach upon firing, it would be the most unreliable combat weapon on the planet, IMO. take that with the reportedly unreliable ignition rate, a person would be crazy to use one in combat. A person can get a thousand reliable .45 acp rounds of excellent design out of the muzzle without numerous failures.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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