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Pawn shop finds

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So the local pawn shop has got in a couple of older model H&R shotguns with the case harden coloring on the receiver. One's in .410 and the other is in 20 gauge, both 3" chambers. Sticker price is $125 each, but the shop owner said he could do $90 each. Now to me this sounds like a good deal, especially with the easy availability of those calibers. But I don't want to just jump on them because they sound like a good price.
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It does sound like a good price.

I'm not familiar with those models in particular, but they were supposed to be pretty decent shotguns.

How rough are the mechanicals? How do the barrels look?
As best I can tell the barrels look like they need a cleaning, but other than that, I wasn't aware of any mechanical problems. Fit and finish wasn't too bad, other than a few spots that have seen more use than others. Lockup felt pretty tight too.

I have no idea when they were made, but they both have the transfer bars integrated into the design.
Nothing wrong with a single barrel.

Get some training.
I have nothing against transfer bars, although I know some people hate them. I'm not sure why. As far as I can tell, it is because they don't want to change their inner manual of arms.

Sounds as if you have a pair of decent shooters available. I'd get them, and chances are if there's something you can't do with them, the problem's with you, not the guns.

Of course, there's no guarantee that there's some problem only a gunsmith can fix, but if lockup is tight, firing action looks good, you're probably OK.
Old_Painless said:
Nothing wrong with a single barrel.

Get some training.
OP you've been missed something fierce.

I remember that video by Clint Smith quite well. And while I certainly agree, the only change I'd make would be looking into the Tamer model since there's already one in stock, and it's about as small as you can get, meaning no fees in gunsmithing. Plus it has built in side saddle capabilities.
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