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Not mine, thought i'd share

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It's apparent called the Zeus. Gaudy or drop dead gorgeous?
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Gaudy in my opinion, although it depends on taste. Give me a 1911 with a deep high-polish blue, or an 1873 Model P (aka Peacemaker, SAA) with deep high-polish blue and bone charcoal color case-hardening. :)
I don't like guns that serve only to sit in a glass case somwhere. IMHO, guns should be shot, not stared at....still that doesn;t change the fact that somebody spent a lot of time CRAFTING this weapon.
A gun is as pretty as the pattern it shoots, in my book.

Where's the benchrest 50 yard paper for that one?
Pretty neat but I'd spring for a Wilson Supergrade 1911 in the high polish blue, maybe in 10mm. No front cocking serrations, no words on the slide, maybe even the engraving on the side...
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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