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Non Newtonian Fluids

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I showed a friend of mine whom just received a PHD in Physics some of your testing using water jugs. He asked me if you have ever tried filling the jugs with a non Newtonian fluid (which I had to look up later since I didn't wand him to think I was stupid). He suggested mixing corn starch with water. He seems to think that the the right mix may be able to simulate the resistance of 2 or more jugs depending on mixture ratios. Anyway, thought it would be fun to mention in case you are getting bored.
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I am vaguely familiar with that mixture. But I am not sure what the ratio would be to compare it to properly prepared and calibrated ballistics gelatin. Water is a 2 to 1 ratio.
But thanks for the idea.
One of the problem with non-newtonian fluids that are the result of corn starch and water, at least according to some others, is that the mix goes rancid fairly quickly, and stinks terribly.

Just something for consideration.
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