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new sig ammo impressions?

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This design looks amazing. I'd love to see it tested and see how that wide, shallow HP and the internal skiving works on tissue and barriers. In my thoughts, that thing should be a fantastic overall round, better than many or even most of the deep bored hollow points in common use.

would the bosses give it a test?

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I've used some plated bullets from Rainier with a very similar profile on varmints that came for my chickens.

I don't know what the bullets looked like afterwards, but they sure worked fine at tearing holes I could fit a walking stick in.

I'm busy reconstructing some fences to keep my sheep from exploring their alternatives, but if I have some time I'll see what I can do with them on soda cans.
I got my ammo in, and the cavity is big enough to fit a silvertip inside of it. it is deeper than shown. I still have good feelings about its probable ability to pop wide open in a short distance, and still retain a good penetration and high weight retention. I'm gpoing to water test a few soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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