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Hi all! I'm a new member but a longtime reader of The Box O’ Truth. As a CZ-52 owner I thought I might make a suggestion. In the The Box O’ Truth Categories I noticed that the 7.62x25 is only listed once. That was in The Box O’ Truth #47 – Laminated Bullet Proof Glass – Pistols. It is also featured blasting through a helmet in The Box O’ Truth #29 – The Helmets O’ Truth. I thought that maybe the Categories could be updated so folks could find it easier and see that great old Cold War round in action.
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Welcome to the site, Bad Dragon.

What do you do with the CZ? Target? Carry? Safe queen?
Thanks applesmasher. My CZ52s are strictly range/target guns. I have one in 7.62x25 and one in 9mm Luger. Both have been modified by Novak Sights, who custom installed their LoMount White Dots. They also have new barrels (threaded with a muzzle brake on the 9. Overkill I know.), hardened steel firing pins & rollers, new recoil springs and a new extractor for the 9mm conversion. Some would say "that's a waste on some old mil-surp pistols" and maybe it is but I love shooting my 52s. They could be used for SD/HD in an emergency. I do have some Appalachian Ammo Emancipator 7.62x25 90gn XTP-HPs & Prvi Partizan 7.62x25 85gn JHPs among others which would very effective but I worry about over penetration with any of the 7.62x25 rounds. I have newer safer weapons for SD/HD. As far as safe queens I don't really believe in them. If they never get shot then its time to move on. I don't do collectibles. I used to - bad habit.

Again, Thanks for the welcome and have a Happy New Year!
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