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Never know what you will choose.

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I mentioned in another post that approximately two weeks ago I had an encounter in my own property with gang members. The encounter never reached the point that would have justified shooting him, but only because he thought I was serious. He stood his ground for nearly a full minute with my glock on him, smirking at me, threatening, and calling me obscene things.

That's right, my glock. I had slipped it into my pocket on the way out to the trash with a bag of cat litter. On the way, I encountered the first thug and set it all in motion. It ended as unfinished business, with four hoodlums, with threats to return.

What was the first thing I did? Got out a different holster, and traded that 9mm for my colt trooper .357 magnum. If a guy broke into my home, I don't want the 9. The 9 was fine for carrying bags of kitty litter around.

Made for one hell of a weekend. No, he has never come back, and I've never seen him again anywhere in my neighborhood. In the meantime, I have not let a handgun out of my sight since then, and may never go unarmed again.
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Ugly situation.

Glad it passed without bloodshed (yours or others).

I don't think you mentioned anywhere which model glock, so I guess one question is how many rounds?

Edit: I just spotted that you mentioned it's a glock 19, so I guess the question is which state's compliant magazine you have loaded?
what is it, 16 and 1? can't remember, but there was plenty to go around for all of them if it came down to it.

The thugs have not returned, or been seen since then. I spend a lot of time outside, and have had plenty of others wandering around, but not them. I believe that they were travelling. They're still a risk, and they're still AT risk.
Carry, carry, carry. The only time I'd not have a weapon in my possession or within reach, in your situation, is after a few drinks, just don't take advice from George Throrogood if that's the case. Even then, I'd rather chance it in court. Best to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Regardless of the cartridge pissing contests, Noone wants to get hit with a 9 mm of any kind. Especially when there are 15+ more where that came from. If you're dealing with a small group, I personally would opt for capacity over the potential damage. Sounds like you were out at night as well, have you considered a light or laser?
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