And there you have it.

Again, this is meant only to be a starting point for those who haven't had the benefit of good low light training.

Unfortunately good low light training is hard to find and while the knowledge is out there it's often difficult for the beginner to find.

Everything presented here is based on the low light training I have received, including the excellent Vickers/Hackathorn low light training courses.

The information is a blend of what I've learned from subject matter experts like Mr. Vickers and Mr. Hackathorn and some of what I've figured out while under their instruction and on my own.

Many of the things mentioned in this write-up can also be found in the AAR's of the low light classes.

A note of caution: This write-up is not a substitute for actual low light training conducted by a competent instructor.

Hopefully it will give the seeker of knowledge enough information to start out on the right track and will encourage them to seek out quality instruction in this area.

Reading is good, but practice is ESSENTIAL for any of this to do you any good.