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Looking at a DPMS Oracle 308/7.62

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I was talking to a Gun Tech at Brownells about building a .308 Win. AR type rifle or carbine.
After a bit he suggested that a DPMS already to go would be a great starting place. And then add or change as needed or wanted.
So I am now looking at the DPMS Oracle. I can get a new piece for just under $700.00. Then for a little bit more I can get flip up iron sights and still put some type of optic on it.
Any experienced 308 DPMS owners care to express an opinion?
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Well I have not given up on a .308 Win./7.62 NATO AR. But because I got a great deal on a PTR 91 SC with a bunch of magazines, two (2) trigger/fire control groups and a hard case I've shelved the AR plans for now.
I have handled the PTR 91's and the HK91's/G-3's. I have always enjoyed them. It does take a bit to get used to them meaning ya' just gotta train with your equipment is all.
Long story short. No PTR 91 SC for me. The online sales manager did not know that the counter manager had already sold that rifle.
Oh well no big deal. I will just wait and watch.
The bright side to this is that I was able to purchase a Zastava PAP M77PS rifle for myself and a Romanian AK WASR for my brother.
Oh and the M77PS is in .308 Win. and 7.62X51 NATO with a three (3) position adjustable gas piston/port.
And not to think I am slighting my brother with a lowly WASR as I have one also:D.
And I sent him a bunch of 30 round steel magazines.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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