A long while back, Molon had a fun game where he had a copy of 10 quarters lined up on one target. The game was to shoot one shot each, and hit all 10 without a miss.

I went to the range today and thought I'd finally give it a try.

First I did a little warm up. I was shooting my Savage .308 bench rifle at 100 yards.

It is a fine rifle and shoots where you point it. It also has a muzzle brake that removes all recoil. It sure makes it a pleasure to shoot.

Here's an old guy concentrating.

And a typical group for this rifle with my handloads.

I also shot my Savage .223 bench rifle. It is also a fine shooter.

And a typical group for the .223 with my handloads.

I was ready. First I started left to right and shot 5 quarters with the .308. Then I continued and shot that last 5 quarters with the .223.

I believe Molon required that you not cut the edge of the quarter, so he might not allow a couple of these to qualify.

But regardless, it was fine day at the range and shooting this game is much harder than you might think.

Line up 10 quarters on a copy machine and make a target and give this a try. You might want to make more than one copy of the target.

Shooting stuff is fun.