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I think I screwed up big time

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When I first got my Bersa Thunder, one of the first things I did was polish the feed ramp with a felt bob on my Dremmel tool.

Unfortunately I just read up on the subject, and it turns out that was a bad idea. The frame portion of the Bersa feed ramp is made from pure aluminum, and isn't meant to be polished. Apparently the adonization is removed through the act of polishing, leaving the softer aluminum exposed, and vulnerable to gouging from use, and greatly accelerates the wear. Worse than that, it voids the factory warranty.

I think I wound up ruining the gun by being an idiot. And it was a pre-key model too. What am I supposed to do now?
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Sell it to someone that is not going to shoot it much and buy a Glock. ;)
Well you could get rid of it or just shoot and monitor the feed ramp.
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