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I love gun shows!

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Well folks the annual gun show has come to town, hundreds of fine models for sale, hundreds of people to fight your way through to examine what's for sale. Lots of fun even with the freezing cold weather you've gotta tolerate to get there.

Concealed carry has been big for me ever since the state made permits optional rather than necessary. I won't lie, I nearly bought an Iver Johnson pistol in .25 ACP simply to have something compact on me at all times. Fortunately I didn't have to, as I got a decent price on a Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace laser attached. This thing is ridiculous in terms of how well it fits in my hand and in my pocket, and the upside is I don't need to maintain yet another caliber.

Of course with a two day event like this you've gotta go both days, and maybe get something else. A little wheeling, dealing, and negotiating later, and I next got a brand new in box, 3rd generation Glock 19 that just plain felt sweet in my hand. Kinda big for concealed carry, but I'm thinking more about it replacing my SIG P226 as an open carry option.
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Oh yeah baby! Gun shows are so neat.
I have been eyeballing a Sig P226 MK25 just because, and I like the way it fits my hand.
Like you Becks I to do enjoy a firearm that fits. Though the Glock has just never fit at all. Which is too bad as I would like to have an opinion based on personal experience.
We have a show coming up in just under a month from now. I look forward to going.
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