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Howdy Folks!

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Howdy Folks!
I am a follower of Jesus the Christ. Married to a beautiful woman and we have three incredible girls. I am 52 years old.
I am a former U.S. Army Infantryman with positions as machine gunner, grenadier, rifleman, RTO, Scout-Recon, team and later squad leader.
I have a Type 01 FFL.
I hunt and fish for food not sport. I also hunt fossils for sport and not food:D. And have found fossils from mice to dinosaurs. Plants and fish.
I am a professional motorcycle and ATV mechanic.
Enjoy The Box of Truth and am glad to be a member of this forum.
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You sound like the type of father some of us wish we had.
You sound like the type of father some of us wish we had.
Thank you!
But there is a lot of room for me to improve and I try every day. And I actually succeed once in a while.
I was just going to let it go with my previous post but I had to add something more.
I work at being a good dad. Sometime I do succeed and sometimes I fail. My wife is a great help to and for me.
Truly not to be preachy but I get nearly all of my instructions on being a dad (and husband) from the Bible.
At the end of the day as with the beginning I tell & show my wife and children I love them.
My children were not just the result of guilt free sex. My wife and I planned to have them. Our 2 1/2 year old well she was not planned but by no means is she an accident!
My wife, my children are my responsibility and duty.
I am a blessed man!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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