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Hi-point .45

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It's stupid.

It has been described as a gun so ugly that even if you miss the bad guy will run in horror.

It has been described as an ugly brick with a trigger.

It's about as concealable as a toolkit, and weighs about as much, although you can fake it in a shoulder holster.

Single stack, nine rounds in the magazine.

It is a fully functional .45ACP single action semi-automatic pistol that only ever stopped on me because I didn't seat the magazine properly.

A ghost ring sight comes with it, right in the box, and that's the one I installed.

It goes bang, it sends lead exactly where the sight picture says it does.

This pistol gets two thumbs up from me.

For under $300 brand spanking new, all fees and taxes paid as well as a couple of boxes of ammunition, and a warranty that doesn't quit, you can't go wrong.

If you want to show off, get a Desert Eagle. If you want to defend things which are precious to you, get a Hi-point.
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Very true. I've read a lot of noise by people denigrating Hi-points in general because they cheap and ugly and not Glocks. If you read a review by anyone who has taken the time to do a serious criticism of the guns, the reviews are usually good. Great budget gun for HD. I haven't looked at their compact pistols but they might make budget EDCs for some folks.
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