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Good free e-book Western Stories

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There is no better web-site with free, public domain e-books than ManyBooks dot net, and I came across a reference to one author, B. M Bower who wrote some wonderful western stories. Born Bertha Muzzy in 1871, she published her stories under her married names, as B. M. Bower, and B. M. Sinclair, several of which were used for movie screenplays. Here is the Wikipedia article about her:

Here is the ManyBooks page with her stories:

I forget where I read it, but someone referenced her story collection "The Happy Family", 1910, with the sub-title: "The Ananias of the Cow Camp", so I just couldn't resist that. So far I've read the afore mentioned "Happy Family," and "Chip, of the Flying U."

Highly recommended,
Mark :idea:
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