Today was one of the Quarterly Requalification days for the wife.

She isn't as big of a shooter as I am, but she enjoys it and I like to keep her qualified to use her pistol if it should ever be necessary.

Today we were going to be shooting my Kimber 1911 Royale and her Smith & Wesson 642-2 Airweight .38 Special.

Here they are.


She started out with the Airweight and ran about 75 rounds through it today.

She was disappointed that they all didn't go into the black, but I assured her that they were in the 8 to 10 ring, and that was good enough.


I then shot my 1911 to show her how it worked.


She took some good pics.


She then said, "I want to try that one."

So, after a little instruction, she gave it a run.


Another one.


Here's her first 7 shots on the target.

I told her that was pretty good for the first time to shoot a 1911.


I then shot one of my AR-15s, a copy of the old M-16 I shot at Fort Polk, back in the day.


And she had to give that one a try.

She usually shoots pistols right handed, as she is right handed.

But she is left eye dominant, so she shot the rifle left handed.


Before we left the range, she reminded me I had a wife along, as she just had to take some pictures of some flowers.


And here.


Take your wife shooting, fellows. It is a great hobby and makes them confident that they could handle a pistol if required to do so.

Just be ready in case they shoot better than you do.