My old buddy Tman left me a coffee can full of cast 200 grain SWC .45 bullets. They had not been sized or lubricated. Last week I set up my Lyman 450 Sizer Lubricator and ran them all through it.

For those that are not familiar with cast bullets, they come from the mold slightly larger than necessary, and you have to run them through a Sizer Lubricator to size them to the proper diameter, in this case .452, and it also puts some lubricant in the grooves to prevent leading as the bullets go down the barrel.

I used some NRA Alox formula grease as a lube.

Here's what the bullets looked like when I was done, along with a loaded round of .45 ACP.


We went to the range this morning to try out the new loads.

They were very light target rounds and I was shooting them out of my Gold Cup.

Here's about 30 rounds through the target.


A nice group, shot at about 10 yards.

But as I looked closer, I noticed something all over the targets.


Closer inspection showed that it was the Alox grease from the bullet grooves.

It seems that as the bullets were going down range, the centrifugal force caused the grease to be "slung" out of the grooves and it ended up on the target.

Just something interesting that I had never noticed before.

As you can see, the bullets are very accurate.


Casting and shooting cast bullets is an interesting hobby.