The Remington 700 bolt action rifle comes in an amazing array of models. Remington started making rifles on this model in the early 1960s, and they have made many variations.

Some police agencies and military snipers use this rifle as a sniper rifle, as it is a very accurate system and is within the budget of most agencies.

The rifles are usually capable of sub-MOA or slightly over one inch groups, right out of the box. This meets the needs of most shooters.

Both the U.S. Army's M-24 Sniper rifle and the U.S. Marine's M-40 sniper rifles are based on the Remington 700 system.

Today we took a couple of models of this rifle to the range and shot them at 100 yards.

Mine is a Remington 700 VLS, which stands for Varmint Laminated Stock.

It is in .308 caliber.

The laminated stock looks nice and is very tough.

It has a beaver tail fore end and a raised cheek piece.

Sierra Exif JPEG

The barrel is a 26 inch heavy contour barrel with a 0.820 muzzle OD.

It also has a concave, target style barrel crown.

Sierra Exif JPEG

It is also free-floated back to the action.

Sierra Exif JPEG

It has been my experience that a good rifle can only reach its potential if it has a high quality scope on it.

I have a Leupold 6.5 X 20, 50mm scope, with parallax adjustment on the rifle and it is a fine scope.

Sierra Exif JPEG

It also has a very nice trigger, which is fully adjustable.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Here I am shooting it this morning.

Sierra Exif JPEG

I will be shooting some of my handloads, with the Sierra 2200 Moly 168 grain boattail hollow point bullet over some Accurate Arms 2495 powder, in Federal cases, and with Federal Match Primers.

The rounds on the right are some hunting loads that have proven to be very effective on deer. They are loaded with Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Here's another look for those of you that might forget just how far 100 yards really is.

Sierra Exif JPEG

This group is the first three shots for today, including the cold barrel shot.

I told Vern, "If I was smart, I'd just pack up and go home."

Sierra Exif JPEG

But we shot it some more and here is a more "normal" group of 5 shots with this rifle.

I can sometimes do better, but that is probably about average on a windy day like today.

Sierra Exif JPEG

My friend Vern brought his Remington Model 7 in .308 and it is a great hunting rifle.

The thin barrel makes it much lighter to carry all day than mine is, and plenty enough accurate for deer hunting.

Sierra Exif JPEG

It has a 3 X 9 Leupold scope on it and a synthetic stock.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Here's an average group from his rifle, at about 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches. Definitely "minute of deer."

Sierra Exif JPEG

I have an Accuracy International AE rifle in 7.62 X 51 NATO that will shoot smaller groups than my Remington 700. But I am almost ashamed to say how much it cost.

As my buddy brianksain says, "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?"

The same applies to small groups with a rifle. Smaller average groups cost money. But the Remington 700 has plenty enough accuracy for most hunting or counter sniping needs.

They are fine rifles and a joy to shoot.