Wolf centerfire ammo has a reputation of being cheap, but that it tends to shoot well enough for plinking and training. Not target accurate, but good enough for "government work."

But their .22 Long Rifle Match ammo is another story. It is some of the most accurate .22 ammo I've ever shot.

Today we went to the range and shot .22 rifles and pistols.

I brought my Smith and Wesson Model 17-4, with a nice, long barrel and a trigger that breaks like a glass rod.

First, I shot some Remington Golden Bullets, Hollow Point ammo, good stuff that I have killed a lot of squirrels with and never had a squirrel complain.

Sierra Exif JPEG

I shot 6 rounds at about 30 yards.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Then I shot some of the Wolf .22 Match.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Again, shooting supported at 30 yards.

Sierra Exif JPEG

And here's the two targets, with the Remington on the top target, and the Wolf on the bottom.

As you can see, it cut the group size by at least half. These were not the "best" groups today, just what I got on this target.

We also shot them through out Ruger 10-22s with scopes, and they cut one ragged hole in the target at both 30 and finally 50 yards with 10 shots of the Wolf.

Kind of hard to beat that kind of accuracy with a .22.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Just thought you guys might want to try some Wolf .22 Match and see how it shoots in your guns.