Some of us recently took advantage of a great sale at Academy on some Monarch 7.62 X 39 ammo at a good price.

I was especially interested, as the 7.62 X 39 I had was some Russian JHP ammo and I had a problem with it in my SKS.

Here's the Monarch, which is a FMJ compared to the older Russian JHP ammo.


Not much difference, but an important one, as it turns out.

I always had problems with the first round out of a full magazine on my SKS.

The JHP would hang up on the feed ramp and was difficult to get to fed.

After the first round, they fed fine, but the first one was an aggravation.

They only do this in my SKS, and do not give me any problems in my AKs.


We figured that maybe a standard FMJ bullet profile would feed better.

I loaded some up today, and sure enough, they fed without a hitch.


Here's another happy result.

The top target is 10 rounds of the JHP ammo at 50 yards and the bottom one is 10 rounds of the new Monarch at 50 yards.

That's pretty good for this SKS.


Oh well, most of this will not be used to shoot groups, but for blasting away.


1. Different bullet configurations can help with feeding issues.

2. Different brands of ammo can shoot better than others.

3. It's fun to shoot stuff.