For those of you that might not be aware, especially those not in the USA, it is perfectly legal to own a full-automatic weapon, sometimes called a "machine gun".

A person simply needs to obtain the proper paper work, pass a background check, and then can legally own these guns.

I do not personally own any full-auto guns, but have a friend that does. My friend "Roy" came through town on his way home from a big machinegun shoot in Alabama. He invited us to shoot some of his guns.

Now, I love firearms, but have never owned a full-auto firearm.

Roy has a bunch, all completely legal. He dates the girls, but has never let one talk him onto marriage. As a result, he has money for his hobby.

As I told a guy that said, "Wow! What a great collection!"


"Yep, that's the wedding that he never had."

His greatest love is his 1919, in 8mm.

This is me, turning money into smoke and noise. What a rush!


This is Tman taking his turn. It ran like a sewing machine.


My favorite was the BAR. This is me, blazing away.


Here I am doing the "rolling thunder" act.


The stuff dreams are made of...

This is Tman shooting an M-16 full auto. He loved it.


And Tman on the BAR. He was issued one in the National Guard, but had never shot one.

Well, he can cross that one off the list. Notice the three pieces of brass in the air.


This is me on the MP-5.


And Tman doing the same.


Here I am on a suppressed MAC 10 in 9mm.


Closing the day with the last belt on the 1919.


Here's my 10 year old granddaughter, Kali, shooting a .22LR, Full Auto.


And here's her collection of shells she collected. Notice the well-ordered presentation.


She gets that from her Pappaw.


Happiness is a hot pile of links and brass.

As fine a day at the range as we ever had.

Many thanks to my buddy, Roy.