My stepson, Abel, is on his spring break, so we decided to make a trip to the range.

He has shot my .22 Ruger pistol before and enjoys shooting it, and has also tried a few shots out of a couple 9mm pistols. But today, he will get to meet John Browning's Finest.

On the way to the range, we reviewed the Four Rules of Gun Safety. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to repeat all of them with a little help. Kids learn quickly.

We started out shooting the Ruger .22.

I showed him the proper grip and sight picture.


Then he was ready to shoot.


We kept the target nice and close so that he could shoot better.

Many folks make the mistake of having new shooters shoot at 25 yards or more.

That will only discourage a new shooter.


He was proud of his first 10 shot group.


After he shot the .22 a while, I broke out the Colt Gold Cup 1911, .45 ACP, the gun made in Heaven.


I had him take his time and coached him on a good, tight grip and sight picture.


He handled the recoil of the light 200 grain SWC rounds pretty well.


He had one little problem, where he shot low and clipped the top of my PVC pipe on my target holder.

But, all in all, he was proud to be able to say that he had shot a full-sized pistol.

He liked it.


We finished up the day by letting him run as many .22s through the Ruger as he wanted too.



A great day at the range.
Never miss a chance to teach a young person to shoot. It is a great hobby.