A few days ago, Tman and I found some Blazer 9mm ammo cheap at Academy.

We shot it, but felt that it might not be as accurate as we thought other ammo was.

But, instead of depending on "feelings", we decided to conduct a test.

We brought our handloads and three cheap brands of 9mm ammo to the range.

We shot my Glock 34, off of bags, at around 35-40 feet.

Why not further? Because these 56 and 63 year old eyes can't do their best work at longer ranges.


This is Tman shooting his groups.


I caught a round of Wolf in the air.

We shot several groups with the following:

Handloads, 115 grain Remington JHP, 5.0 gr. WW 231.

Winchester White Box 9mm.

Wolf 9mm.

And Blazer 9mm.


These are some representative groups.

As you can see, the groups indicate that this ammo was plenty accurate enough for practice ammo.

Lessons learned:
1. Our general opinion as to accuracy is that they were good. Wolf was best, next Winchester White Box, and then Blazer. But all were accurate.

2. All ammo functioned 100%. I had carried this Glock 34 to Thunder Ranch three times, and it has never failed.

3. We have over 80+ years of handloading and make some good handloads. We use a Dillon press. But the factory stuff was slightly better accuracy-wise than our stuff. The difference in price is very small.

Bottom Line: You can't justify handloading at the present low prices of this cheap 9mm ammo.

And even though it is relatively cheap, it is plenty accurate.