I have the pleasure to own a Colt 1911, Series 80, Mark IV, Gold Cup, National Match, in .45 ACP.

It is a polished stainless pistol and is the most accurate pistol I have ever owned.

Before modern custom-designed 1911 pistols were available, the 1911 had an undeserved reputation for inaccuracy.

But this reputation was often based on someone shooting a worn-out 1911 that was so loose that it rattled when you shook it.

The 1911 design is actually an extremely accurate system, especially if manufactured as a target pistol.

My pistol is the ultimate "Target" pistol.

It was developed to be used in target competition and does that job well.

Some folks may not like the Bright Stainless finish, but I like it.

It is a beautiful pistol.

I put some rosewood grips on it and they set it off nicely.


Tman has a Gold Cup National Match in blue.

Here it is.


These target pistols come with a light-weight spring and are set-up for target rounds.

I shoot a 200 grain Semi-Wadcutter (SWC) loaded with 4.5 grains of WW 231 powder, for a velocity of around 740 fps.

It is a very accurate load.

You can shoot full-power loads in the pistol, but to do much of that, you ought to replace the factory spring with a heavier spring.

I have other 1911s for full-power loads, and just shoot light SWCs in this one.


The pistol has some nice features.

It has an under-cut trigger guard, which allows a higher grip.

It also has an extended beavertail grip safety to prevent hammer bite if you hold the pistol high as I tend to do.

It also has a set of Elliason rear sights, which are fully adjustable and are excellent, easy to use sights.

The trigger is also adjustable for release and over-travel and is a dream to shoot.


It also has the flat mainspring housing, preferred by some on a target pistol.


To grip a 1911 for target work, it is best to have a high grip.


I use either an isosceles stance or a Weaver stance, and always use both hands.

Push forward with the shooting hand while pulling back with the support hand.

It gives a very solid base.


Here I am shooting the target.

The pistol comes from the factory with an 8 round magazine.

The light target loads have very little recoil and the heavy pistol just soaks it up.


Here are the results of the first 8 shots.


Tman gives it a try.

It is a rare thing, but we tend to shoot to exactly the same point of aim.


Here are his groups on top of a couple of mine, with a total of 32 rounds on the target.

Not a bad group, but the pistol is capable of better, if you do your part.


The Gold Cup National Match is the ultimate target 1911. If you get a chance to shoot one, don't miss the opportunity. They are fine shooting pistols.