I enjoy shooting the Mosin Nagant rifles I own, but wanted an example of one with the Hexagonal Receiver. These rifles are the older rifles, and in later versions, the Rooskies decided to cut costs by just making the receivers round.

I don't know if there is really much difference in quality, but I didn't have a Hex rifle, so you all know what that means.
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I ordered mine with my C&R from J&G Sales for $79.95 plus shipping. I just wanted an old rifle that needed some "cleaning up". I planned on refinishing the stock and also re-painting the metal, if needed. For $79.95, I expected one that would maybe be kind of "rough".

Well, the Brown Truck O' Happiness delivered it and it was as nearly "perfect" as you could want. The bore was a little "gray", but shootable, and the metal was perfect. The stock had been factory refinished, but it had a few dings from rough handling.

We decided to refinish the stock, and leave the metal as it was.

I stripped the stock and delivered it to Tman for him to stain and refinish.

He did his usual excellent work.

Here it is, after we were finished.


We start by removing the old shellac/stain combination.

Once you do, the stock seemed to be a birch.

It was completely without color.

We use a home-made stain using Rit Dye, and 90% alcohol.

We mix Dark Brown and Scarlet Liquid Rit Dye until we get the color we like.

Then apply and wipe until it is what we want.


Tman uses either BLO or Wipe-On Polyurethane.

On this one, he used the Poly, as the Rooskies used something similar.

I liked the results and it will be very tough.


Another view.


Entire rifle.


I just cleaned up the metal and oiled it. I scrubbed the bore several times and have it looking pretty nice.

We'll see how it shoots Monday.


Went to the range this morning and shot the rifle.

Here's the results of 2 five shot groups at 50 yards.

The ammo was:

Brass case is Albanian 1988 code stamped "3".

Copper washed steel cased is Russian code stamped "60"

This is the best shooting Mosin I've ever shot.

I'm very happy with it.


Fellows, if you are looking for a fun and cheap project, these old rifles are the ticket. And when you're finished, you will have a great shooter.