I go shooting at least a couple of times a week.

That means I use ear protection at least that much.

I prefer the EAR brand of ear plugs. Here they are.

They are excellent hearing protection, rated at 31 dB of protection.


If you are shooting something especially loud, you can add another 10 dB of protection by adding regular ear muffs over the plugs.


The EAR plugs are listed as "throw away" to buy.

But I hate to waste good stuff and noticed that although they might get dirty, they are not ruined.

I once accidentally washed a pair that I had left in a shirt pocket and they came out of the washer as good as new.

So, I had an idea.

I bought a "delicate garment" bag that ladies use to wash delicate stuff in.

It has a mesh cloth construction with a zipper top.


I just save the dirty ear plugs and when I have a bunch of them, I put them in the bag and close the zipper.

I then throw them in the washing machine with a regular load of laundry.


When they are finished washing, I throw them in the dryer with the clothes to get dried.

They come out as good as new.


Maybe not a big money saver, but there is no use in throwing away good ear plugs.

And, whenever possible, always wear ear protection when shooting. Lost hearing cannot be replaced.