A little range report on the Sistema we refinished.

Went to the range this morning and ran the pistol a bit.

I put 50 rounds of 200 grain SWC handloads through it without a hitch.

I believe we can pronounce the throat polishing job a success.

I also ran 50 rounds of 230 grain Ball through it.

No problems.

It grouped just fine and shot to point of aim.


There had been some questions about how tough the finish is.

I don't "baby" my guns.

I take good care of them, but I shoot them hard and often.

I was concerned about normal wear of the new finish.

We found a few scratches after today's shooting.

Here's one on the frame.

Very minor, but I don't have a clue how it got there.


Here's another on the other side.


And finally, a slight ding on the trigger guard.


1. I expect it to get a few dings now and then. I don't collect museum pieces, I collect and shoot, "Shooters". This one will see a lot of action.

2. The paint is hard, but can be scratched. This was as I expected. I've never seen a painted finish that couldn't be scratched.

3. I cleaned it when I got home and the Hoppe's #9 and WD-40 didn't seem to bother the finish. I greased the rails when I was done and wiped down the pistol for the safe. It still looks great.

4. This pistol shot just fine. I was shooting double taps at 7 yards, from the ready, and it stayed in a nice group. A 1911 that works every time and shoots to point of aim is a joy.

Thanks for all the comments and interest. This was a fun project and I will definitely be doing it again.