My good buddy Tman and I like to visit military museums and gun collections.

Tman's wife hates museums, so she is glad for me to take him on these trips.

First we visited the campus of Texas A&M University to see the gun collection at the Cadet Center.

We had heard about it for years, but had never visited.

This is Tman at the Sanders-Metzger gun collection.

It was a great exhibit with lots of old guns.


There was a world class Colt Collection.


One exhibit was an example of a Walker Colt, one of less than 100 examples left.

It is worth in the 6 figures.


Next, we visited Fort Hood, in Killeen Texas and went to the 1st Cavalry Division Museum.

Here I am with an example of the Abrams Tank.

Boy, would that be a great addition to the Box O' Truth tests!


This is Tman standing next to the new Stealth Tank.


Inside, they had several great exhibits.

One was a Patton Sword and a 1903 Springfield.

The sword was named after General George Patton who designed it.

It was the last saber used by the Army.


One exhibit was a WWII Harley Davidson used by dispatch riders and scouts.

This one was fully restored to running condition by the local Harley Club.


This is an M-10 Tank Destroyer used in WWII in Europe to knock out German armor.

It had no top, but was open to the elements (and artillery bursts)


We then went over to the Fourth Infantry Division to see their exhibits.


Here is one of many of the tank displays at the Fourth Infantry grounds.

It shows WWII 155 Self-Propelled Artillery and an M-47 Tank.


We then visited the Texas Military Forces Museum at Texas National Guard Camp Mabry in Austin.

This is a great museum that many do not even know exists.

This is a small part of the outdoors display.


Here I am next to a German Half Track and a Kübelwagen.

They have been restored to excellent condition.


I had to show you folks this great flag.

Wonder why I like it so much?

It was used by the Texas Forces in the Revolution from Mexico and is known as the Gonzales Flag.


This is a good example of WWII U.S. Infantry weapons.


This display had some great examples of US Sniper weapons.

You can see a 1903-A4 and a M-1 D.

Also a great MG-34.


This is a general view of a section of the museum.


This is a display of Viet Nam era weapons, that I figured you guys would like because it has, what else, M-16s.


Here is a German Tank Destroyer called a Hetzer (Baiter).

It's gun had limited traversing capibility, and could be aimed by turning the tank.

Light, cheap, and fast.


Tman and I have made a lot of trips to military museums and you might be surprised at how many fine museums there are out there.

Don't miss a chance to visit one.