In part one we showed how we disassembled and prepared the pistol for refinishing.

I had ordered some DuraCoat from Lauer and had to wait a few days for it to arrive. It finally got here and we were ready to go.

First, we had to tape areas where we didn't want any paint. I also had to design some wooden "holders" to hold the pieces for painting and that would allow them to be placed in a vice to dry after painting.

Here we are taping the parts and getting ready to start painting.


We had to very carefully clean the parts with Acetone and then with the cleaner that came with the DuraCoat system.

I used the air brush supplied with the Basic Package.

It only took a little practice to be able to apply a nice smooth coat of paint.

We did several thin coats to prevent running.


I then used the wife's hair dryer to dry the solvent off the fresh paint and speed the initial drying time.


To paint the small pieces, I used a piece of cardboard and pushed the pieces into holes so that I could paint them and let them dry without touching them.

It worked like a charm.


My good buddy Ted came over and brought his bead blaster and we blasted his Sistema.

Here he is blasting it.

He used glass beads and just gave it a very quick blast.

Too much would wear down the metal.


Here's what it looks like as he hits it with the beads.


Here's the finished product.

It leaves a slightly "frosted" surface that is very good for paint adherence.


We finished painting all the parts and were ready to bake them.

We let them dry over night and then readied them for the oven.

We put them in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours.

This will fully cure the finish.


Then we had a "Put Them Back Together Party" at my kitchen table and Tman helped us remember where everything went.


And here's the finished products.

Mine is on top, all green, and Ted's is on the bottom, black slide and green frame.


Here's another look.

Notice the $14 grip panels from Brownell's.

Very nice touch, I think.


Now the big question is: What do I do with its Ugly Brother?


I was very satisfied with the results of this project and was impressed with the ease of use and quality of the DuraCoat. Only time will tell about how tough it is in use. But it looks tough for now.

If it sticks on the guns as good as it sticks on our hands, it will be there for a long time.