Okay, a range report on my refinished 24/47 Mauser.

Went to the range today to see how she shot.

I was very pleased.

First, I thought I'd show any of you that might not be familiar with stripper clips, how they work.

Ammo was often loaded into stripper clips in WWI and WWII.

In the case of the Mausers, it was 5 shot stripper clips.

This is what they look like.


The rifle action has a slot cut in the top to allow these clips to be set into the action to allow loading.


Then you just use your thumb to push the rounds out of the clip, into the rifle magazine.


This leaves the empty stripper clip in the action and it can either be removed by the shooter...


Or, as was probably most often done in battle, by simply closing the bolt.


I then shot a 5 shot group with some of my handloads...


...and got this group at 50 yards.


Of course, this isn't a target rifle and only needs to be "minute-of-milkjug" for me.


It barks loud, kicks hard, and hits even harder.

What a great rifle!!