Recently my friend Fxntime sent me a note and asked if I would test some 7.62 X 51 Military Ball like we did the 5.56 ammo a while back.

He said he would send me an assortment of ammo to test if I was interested.

I said, Sure.

He sent me 9 different types of 7.62 X 51, mostly military ball.

We were ready to go to the range.

I will be shooting my Accuracy International AE.


When I do my part, this is an exceptionally accurate rifle.

Here are some typical groups, when shooting my best handloads.


Here's the assortment of ammo that I received.


And here's a picture that Tman took to remind you guys that don't get to shoot much, just how far the 100 yard line really is.


The next half hour wasn't very photogenic, but here's what the pile of brass looked like at the end of the shoot.

I cleaned the barrel after each 5 shot group with a wet patch and then a dry patch.

After three groups, I put a wet patch through the barrel, ran a wet brush down it 6 times, wet patched it and then finished with 2 dry patches.

Maybe excessive, but I didn't want fouling to play any part.


Here's the targets when we finished.
I had shot a group of handloads to warm up the gun. Wasn't great, but there it is.

Here's the results measured at home with a micrometer.

1 - Handloads Fouling Shots .88
2 - Hirtenberger 150 gr. SP 1.43
3 - Hirtenberger FMJ 3.10
4 - Portuguese JMJ 1.85
5 - Portuguese BF 1.12
6 - Radway Green 1.51
7 - Aussie MF83 2.30
8 - MEN 85 German 2.00
9 - South African 2.22
10 - Malaysian Delinked 1.37


Lessons Learned:
1. Groups went from 1.12 to 3.10. Not really that bad. When we shot the 5.56, the largest group was 3.75 inch. These were a little better.

2. Military ammo is not target quality, nor is is meant to be.

3. A few of the loads, the Radway and the German MEN, were kind of warm and had diffiicult bolt lift.

4. Some of our Snipers and Designated Marksmen have been rumored to use de-linked 7.62 X 51 when that was all that was available. Doesn't look like that is too much of a disadvantage.

5. All of it is Minute-Of-Coconut at 100 yards. Plenty good enough for social purposes.

6. It's fun to shoot stuff.