I went with my friend brianksain and a couple of his SWAT Sniper buddies to their practice sessions today.

We were all shooting our Accuracy International AE rifles, in .308.

We started out shooting at "movers" at 50 yards.

We stapled a silhouette target to a long pole and one of us walked behind the berm and displayed the target for a few seconds.

The shooter had to identify the target and get off a shot before it was lowered behind the berm.


For those that aren't aware, the vast majority of police sniper shots are taken at less than 100 yards. So, the majority of their practice is at these ranges.

Mark was required to lay on the rifle until the target was raised. He then had to stand and take the shot, all within the allotted time.

Here I am shooting from the sitting position at the mover.


And here, standing on my hind legs like a man.

It is much more difficult than you might imagine.

But it sure is fun.


We then backed up to 550 yards to let Chris check his "come ups" on his scope.

You can see the target above the berm down range.


Then we backed all the way up to 600 yards and checked our "come ups" and shot.

Here's brianksain on the rifle.


Here I am shooting from the bench at 600 yards, cause I'm an old guy.

I had to dial in 16.25 minutes up to get on target.


These are my last three shots at 600 yards.

'll call that low one a miss, but the other two are pretty good for 600 yards, if I may say so myself.

Man, I love that rifle.


A great day with some great guys. It just doesn't get much better than that.