My new C&R hobby has caused an over-flow situation on my gun safe. I had been just stacking them in closets, but knew that was a temporary stop-gap measure. It was time to build a rifle rack.

I didn't want anything fancy, just something to keep them from leaning on each other and scratching them up.

I noticed that I had a 5 foot section of wall in my computer room between the bookcase and the corner that would be just right for a rifle rack.

I decided yesterday to build a rack and did so in a couple of hours with some scrap wood.

I started out with the base, which I made from a 2 X 6.

I wanted the finished length to be 5 feet, so, knowing that it would have two ends made with 3/4 inch stock, I cut the base to 58 1/2 inches long.

I then rounded the front ends.


I then cut the two end pieces from 3/4 inch stock.

I tapered them from 4 inches at the bottom to 2 inches at the top, and rounded off the top.

I attached them to the ends of the 2 X 6 with drywall screws in pre-drilled and countersunk holes.

Here's the bottom.


Here's the top.

The top rest for the rifles was made from a scrap piece of 1 inch lumber and ended up 2 1/4 inches wide and 58 1/2 inches long to match the base.


I drilled a 1/2 inch hole every 4 inches, 1/2 inch deep.

I then cut 14 dowels, 3 1/2 inches long and glued them in the holes.


Here's the finished project.


And here it is in place, with some rifles on it.

My lovely wife noticed that there are 6 empty slots and told me I needed to get to ordering.

What a great gal!

Cost was almost nothing, assuming you have some scrap lumber.


It was fun to build and solved a storage problem for me.

Give it a try if you need one.