Many folks have expressed an interest in the CZ-52 pistol.

This pistol qualifies as a C&R pistol, and is very inexpensive at this time.

Here's mine.


Probably the most interesting thing about this pistol is the caliber, 7.62 X 25.

This is a bottlenecked, .30 caliber round, that shoots a 90 grain jacketed Ball at around 1,500 fps.

As a result, it is a big penetrator.

We saw evidence of this when we shot a Kevlar helmet. It punched right through, when other pistol calibers would not.


Does this mean that this caliber is the ideal personal defense round?

Not by a long shot.

A small FMJ bullet at 1,500 fps might be good at going through armor, but it isn't the best for Stopping a bad guy.

The ability to do that is a combination of penetration (at least 12 inches) and the size of the wound channel.

And bigger bullets do a better job of tissue disruption than the small .30 FMJ.

But this pistol and caliber are still very interesting to shoot and better bullets are available.

The pistol is easy to control, but it sure barks loud.


Let's look at the operation of this pistol.

Upon firing the last round in the magazine, the slide locks open.


You will notice that the pistol is not equipped with a "slide release."


Although after market slide releases are available, it is not really needed.

The best way to release the slide after inserting a fresh mag, is to grip the slide with the left hand and pull it back and release it to chamber the new round.


One "issue" with some folks is that the cheap military surplus ammo is corrosive.

This means that corrosive salts are deposited in the barrel and must be washed out with water, before oiling the barrel.

This isn't as big of a problem as some might think.

Let's look at disassembly and cleaning.


The CZ-52 has take-down buttons on each side of the frame, much like a Glock.

To remove the slide, you must remove the magazine and make sure the pistol is empty.

Then, slightly pull back on the slide and pull the take-down buttons downward.


Then you let the slide move forward about a quarter inch...


And the slide will come off the frame.


Removing the barrel from the slide requires a take-down tool.

I use a 3/8 punch, and place it into the hole in the barrel locking system, as shown.


Holding the slide with your left hand, pull the barrel forward until it releases from the slide.

Be careful of a big "sproing."


Slowly let the pressure off of the spring and the barrel will come off of the slide.


Remove the spring from the barrel.


You can now clearly see the roller-block assembly that is the heart of this strong action.


We need to clean the corrosive salts from the barrel, so we start by spraying some Windex down the barrel.


Then wipe the barrel down with patches and repeat until clean.


Then dry and spray WD-40 down the barrel to remove all moisture.


Then patch dry.

When you get home, clean the pistol just like any other and you are finished.


These are great little pistols. Fun to shoot. Loud and cheap.
How you gonna beat it?